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Know Your Data

We help you understand the data your business generate on day to day business activities.

Reach You Target Market

Get insights from your own data and reach your potential buyer for your next sale.

Save Marketing Cost

Using targeted marketing saves cost and helps you invest minimum resources

How It Works

We gather data from all the source of your business and perform analysis to predict your brands next move, helping you reach your actual audience. 

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Multiple Marketing Channels

Whether its social media or search engines, the traffic generated towards your brands is crucial for developing your next marketing strategy and we are here to gather all the information from different sources and gather them to display in unified form.

Real-time Data Analysis

Sometimes it takes ages to understand the data you generate through your business, Anata latest algorithms helps you identify gaps and perform real time analysis based on your own data to show descriptive, predictive and perspective analysis. 

Our Pricing

We donot charge our clients on hard coded packages, we provide you best suitable pricing as per your business need.


  • From Logo Design to Printing, we can do everything

Social Media Marketing

  • Only invest on your right audience with right platform

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